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We offer a full range of restorative services that include:

Oasis Family Dental offers mercury-free solutions with our tooth coloured and porcelain fillings, which help strengthen teeth and provide you with a beautiful smile. We utilize the latest bonding technologies to ensure filling restorations are unnoticeable and last a long time.

Oasis Family Dental recommends replacing silver coloured tooth fillings. Part of the problem with silver tooth fillings is that they could contain up to 50 percent mercury, which has been known to cause staining on the teeth. In addition, over time, the silver coloured tooth fillings start to deteriorate, resulting in a weakened tooth structure. As such, the tooth filling can fall out, cause the tooth to crack, and create small openings where bacteria can get under the tooth surface and lead to cavities.

Tooth coloured porcelain fillings provide a tighter fitting filling and are colour matched to the colour of the tooth. Once the porcelain material has hardened, it creates a much stronger tooth structure to help keep the tooth intact.

Oasis Family Dental provides dental crown procedures to replace existing fillings and crowns when they are beyond repair to restore your teeth and provide you with a beautiful looking smile. Our processes are extremely reliable and are ideally suited for repairing cracked, broken, and damaged teeth, where it is still possible to save part of the tooth, as long as the tooth structure is still healthy.

Our dental crown procedures are designed to provide long lasting results, with most people enjoying between twenty to thirty years with their crown. This is about as close you can get to a permanent solution. It normally takes a minimum of two visits to be fitted for a crown and have the tooth prepared. Patients are fitted with a temporary crown to protect the tooth until your return visit.

Oasis Family Dental offers our patients root canal treatment procedures to address certain dental problems caused when the interior tooth pulp becomes infected. The tooth pulp is located inside the center of the tooth structure and is responsible for helping to build and maintain the entire tooth. Over time, bacteria can make its way into the pulp, resulting in an infection, similar to a cavity causing bacterial infections.

In a root canal procedure, the infected pulp is removed, and the surrounding area is cleaned. In order to prevent reinfection, the area treated must be properly sealed using specific restorative processes. Your dentist and dental hygienist will discuss various restorative options available and help you determine the most appropriate one.

In some cases, if a root canal treatment cannot help save the tooth, we will let you know and provide you with other alternatives. For additional information about root canal treatment procedures, or if you are experiencing pain in a tooth, sensitivity, soreness, or swelling, call our dental clinic to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our dentists.

Oasis Family Dental provides dental bridge replacements as a viable solution to replace missing teeth. A dental bridge is sometimes referred to as a partial denture plate. The bridge is designed to fill in the missing spaces with artificial teeth and is attached to adjacent teeth, which are called the abutment teeth. Bridges can be designed to be either removable or permanently secured.

Replacing missing teeth is highly recommended because the teeth are essential for talking and eating. In addition, missing teeth can cause facial features to sag and actually make a person look much older. Further, people with missing teeth have a higher risk for gum disease and periodontal disease.

The dental bridges available at our Thunder Bay dental clinics are made from various materials, based upon each patient’s preferences, and include: porcelain, gold, and other metals. Your dentist will help you determine the most appropriate materials to use for your dental bridge replacements.

Caring for your dental bridge is often similar to your normal dental habits of brushing and flossing. However, actual care could vary, based upon whether the dental bridge is permanently attached or removable.

Oasis Family Dental is pleased to offer a painless tooth extraction process using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable while the tooth is removed. While our dental team will do our very best to preserve your existing teeth, there are certain reasons where a tooth extraction procedure could be required, including:

  • Severely Decayed Teeth
  • Advanced Periodontal Disease
  • Broken and Unrepairable Teeth
  • Poorly Positioned/Impacted Teeth
  • Orthodontic Treatment Preparation

In most cases, removing teeth and not replacing them can lead to other dental problems and can affect your overall dental health. We are happy to discuss potential artificial tooth replacement options for extracted teeth.

When a tooth is not replaced, the other teeth can start to shift and move within the gum line. Should this occur, you could end up with crooked teeth, an improper bite, and even loose teeth. Some of the options we offer for artificial tooth replacement are dental implants and partial dentures.

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