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Sometimes, a costume can be so intricate that it distracts from your smile or even covers it. Luckily, makeup and wigs can make your Halloween costume look more realistic without completely covering your face and smile. We have a great list of costumes that will help you show off your spooktacular smile this October 31st:

  1. Get into the spirit of Halloween with a simple, all-black outfit, such as a witch or a Catwoman suit. Not only are these easy DIY costumes, but dark costumes will make your white teeth shine even brighter on Halloween.
  2. Show how Instagram-worthy your smile is. Find out how to turn yourself into an Instagram picture with simple DIY instructions and only a few materials. All you need is a large poster board and a printer for a costume that is sure to attract plenty of attention along with your smile, which will take center stage.
  3. Go all-out with a costume inspired by teeth. There are plenty of options out there for going as a dentist. Or dress up as the tooth fairy. What better way to show how proud you are of your own oral health?
  4. Not everyone is at the point where they want their teeth to be the focus of their costume, even if they love the rest of their smile. Try a costume that uses fake teeth or something that covers your teeth, such as a vampire costume with fake wax teeth that go over your own teeth. Check out this great list of DIY vampire outfits to meet any level of scary you are looking for.

If you want teeth you are truly proud of for next year’s Halloween costume, contact Oasis Family Dental to help you achieve and maintain a beautiful smile. Whether you need a cleaning and checkup, implants, cosmetic, Invisalign or other services, Oasis Dental has you covered!

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